Portland Area Resource Guide

The Portland Area Resource Guide for community members serves as a one-stop resource, detailing both gun violence-related public and private services. With over 100 different resources, the Guide encompasses a spectrum of essential services, ensuring the well-being of community members. For mental health support, the guide outlines accessible counseling and therapy services, emphasizing both public clinics and private practitioners. Addressing homelessness, it provides a comprehensive list of shelters, outreach programs, and assistance initiatives, fostering community support.

Additionally, the guide includes into domestic violence resources, spotlighting helplines, safe houses, and legal aid available to those affected. Each service is succinctly described, accompanied by contact details and eligibility criteria, fostering clarity for users. The guide is crafted with inclusivity in mind, acknowledging the diverse needs of our community. Whether navigating public health facilities or seeking the support of privately offered services, community members can rely on this guide to navigate and access the array of resources available to them, for a Portland that prioritizes the well-being of all its community members.

Who Are We?

The Portland Peace Initiative is the creation of recognized problem-solvers from all backgrounds who seek to unite and elevate as many local efforts of individuals, groups, and organizations that want to participate in building bridges of understanding and healing in Portland.  Leading the initiative are Pastor Matt Hennessee, Robert King, Kevin Modica, Deniel Banks, Jan Elfers, and Lisa Broderick of Police2Peace.

The information on this website is being presented for transparency, so that data collected and findings which result are available for anyone who’s interested.

Check back here how we’re doing, what’s our progress, how you can be part of the change and make a difference for you and your church, your school, your community and your neighborhood.


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